The title may almost read like a one-off, but it's actually a new group - so new that it doesn't have a proper name yet. The musicians did play once before in this setup (at the finale of the 2018 edition of Berlin Solo Impro); yet sometimes, a few years need to pass until you realize that you’ve got something great right there — which is exactly what happened in the case of this quartet. Now that it got re-initiated, they have great ambitions and will be going to the studio still this year.

Almut Kühne (voc)
Silke Eberhard (reeds)
Volker Meitz (keys, talkbox)
Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums, microphones)

The concept involves a great deal of improvisation, using compositional elements as starting or landing points. Given the personalities of the four musicians (who are no strangers to the scene), we can expect fresh, inspiring music — with Eberhard & Kühne completely in the acoustic realm, Dimitriadis expanding the palette using amplified close-mik’ing of his drums combined with effects, and Meitz mostly coming in from the electric / electronic department, yet also seeking connection with Kühne’s vocals by virtue of his talkbox.

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Above: @ Berlin Solo Impro / 2018
Below: @ Sowieso, Berlin / 2022