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A never complete list of the keyboard gear Volker uses...

Sponnagel Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes Stage Piano
Hohner Clavinet / Pianet Duo
Solina String Ensemble
Viscount Legend organ
Roland VK7 organ
Clavia Nord Lead 2x
Access Virus A
Korg SV 1 Stage Keyboard
Korg MS 20 + MS 50
Moog Prodigy
Moog Liberation
Roland SH101
Yamaha TF1-Modules
Novation SL MKII Masterkeyboard
Fatar/Studiologic 1100 Masterkeyboard
Roland JV1010
Hohner Melodika Piano 36

A load of Preamps & Effect devices by several manufacturers from A(lesis) to Z(.Vex)
Motion Sound KP-500SN Stereo Amplifier
Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier
Solton Turbo Jet (Rotary Speaker Cabinet)
Leslie 122 / 147 Rotary Speaker Cabinet

MacBook Pro
Edirol AD/DA converter
Native Instruments Komplete & Machine
Apple Main Stage
Ableton Live